Parent and Toddlers Group

We will soon be starting a parent and toddlers group, which will be run by Open House Church members. All volunteers working with children have a current DBS (formely CRB) certificate and we adhere to an up to date child protection pollicy.

It will be a friendly place for you to meet other parents and for your child to have fun.

A charge of £1 per family will be made for refreshments.

Through out the year you will be invited to events such as visits to the local fire station and farms, and there will be a an end of year party.


We are planning to start a youth group in the near future, to help youth and their families navigate the transition from childhood, to young adulthood, by introducing youth to a wide spectrum of issues, and ideas, that will help them to emerge as well equip adults, grounded in faith. We embrace each individual as a unique and beloved child of God. We aim to accept people where they are, and encourage them to grow in their relationship with God, their community and themselves, while also giving them the opportunity to have fun, and meet new friends.


We love to welcome students from Warwick University and surrounding colleges. We seek to support students during their time at University or College, and feel passionate about about seeing them grow in their relationship with God, and understand the importance of connecting with a church family while away from home, and the benefit it can bring.

If you are a student, we want you to feel comfortable, and will encourage you to be active in the church as your time allows.

Apart from inviting you to Sunday Services, there will be other opportunities for you to feel part of the community, such as prayer meetings, connecting in small groups and socials.


Bible Study Fellowship

"Read" and" Study" are words that conjure up ideas of hard work, but don't be deterred. Members are encouraged to read the scriptures, but their are no tests at the end of it!

The pattern of the meeting includes informal time with tea and coffee, followed by a lesson prepared by a member, purposeful discussion about the lesson, with relevent Bible verses to enable us to have a better understanding of the scriptures. Time is also given for prayer and quiet reflection, and members are invited to take sacrament. This is followed by lunch, each member brings their own lunch, however tea and coffee is provided.

Fellowship is the key word in our small groups. We grow in faith together and forge strong links with one another that are caring, supportive and completely confidential. There is trust in one another so that we can be completely open and honest in our discussions with out the fear of being judged.

Prayer Evening

Prayer meetings are held at at the home of Pastor Jeremy Bray and his wife Joe, where a warm welcome awaits all who attend by both Jeremy and Joe, and members of the church. We begin with some informal time chatting over a cup of tea, followed by singing and prasing God, led by by Jeremy, and a quiet time of prayer.

Connecting with others in a house group is vital to your spiritual growth. Our desire for you as you commit to one of our groups is that you will:

  • Experience care and love
  • Be matured by the wisdom of Gods word
  • Be prayed for, and be active in praying for others.
  • Devote yourself to time for fellowship.

"Therefore encourage one anther and build one another up just as you are doing." Thessalonians 5:11

New members are welcome and are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.

If belonging to one of our church groups appeals to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Pastor Jeremy Bray.

All will be made welcome.


Child care is available upon request during Sunday service to give respite to Mum's, Grandparents, and carers who have toddlers in their care, to enable you to relax while your children play and have fun.

Music In Worship

We are greatly blessed by a variety of talented musicians within the church, both instrumental and vocal who lead us in worship


Tea And Coffee Rota

If you would like to help with preparing tea and coffee, and tidying up after church service you may be added to the rota when a place is available.


Helping in the crech involves offering support and a little respite to those who have toddlers in their care, so Mums, Grandparents and Carers can relax while their children playand have fun.

Muscians And Singers

We welcome any new musicians or vocalists who wish to join our group of musicians.

Pastrol Visits

Visiting those who wish to remain in contact with the church but are no longer able to attend.

They may be in hospital, or nursing home, or in their own home. They may need support, or simply want to be kept up to date with whats happening at church, or hear news or people they used to meet.

If know of any one who would like a visit, or anyone you would like us to pray for, please contact Pastor Jeremy Baray.

Social Events

Open House runs a series of social events through out the year, such as barbecues, meals and a Christmas party.